1.    Teams will be scheduled a total of six games, earning 3 points for each win, 1 point for each tie and 0 points for a loss.  League champions will be determined by the most total points after six games or by a playoff.  2 weeks of playoffs is anticipated in an 8 week season.

Ties will be broken using the following system*:

A.   Head to head record among tied teams ;

B.   Goal differential in games among tied teams;

C.   Goal differential in all games; and

D.   Fewest goals allowed.

* Any forfeited games will disqualify that team who forfeited from being awarded the higher place in any tie scenario.

2.      Games will be played at:


Game times will be approximately 6pm and 7 pm.  Subject to change based on daylight/sunset time. Teams need to arrive at their field 10 minutes before game time for check in.

3.    Schedules are played as published whenever possible; however, there are occasional changes, due to weather, scheduling conflicts, or other unforeseen circumstances, at the time the schedule is created.  Whenever a change is necessary, we will notify the manager, usually with an email and/or phone call.  Changes are made to the schedule on the website. We make every attempt to provide teams with at least one week’s notice of any change.  Whenever a game cannot be completed after it has already started, the league office will determine how to deal with the situation as fairly as possible.


5.    Standings will be posted on the website:

6.    The League will not assume responsibility for injury. Everyone who plays in the league participates at their own risk.


II.            AWARDS



III.           ROSTERS

1.    Roster additions (deletions are not allowed) may be made up until your 4th league game, provided there is space left on your roster.  After the fourth league game, roster changes will be accepted only for seriously injured players or some other extreme circumstance when satisfactory proof is presented to the league coordinator.  Added players must register on the league website and sign the team roster in order to be eligible.



1.    Players must be at least 18 years old before playing.

2.    All players must have an id available for the referee to check against the roster to verify eligibility.



1.    Teams will be allowed one eligibility protest per game.  If a manager believes a player is illegal, he/she may request that the referee checks the player’s ID against the roster/registration.  If the referee determines that the player in question is not registered/on the roster, they will eject the player from the game. If the player is not on the roster, but has an id and registration can be verified, the referee will write the player’s name on the scorecard and the game will continue.  The league office will determine if the player in question is illegal.  If the player is illegal, the game will be ruled a forfeit. 


VI.          FORFEITS

Games shall be forfeited if:

1.    For the 7v7 leagues, a team is unable to field at least five (5) (no more than 3 of one gender and 2 of the other gender for coed leagues.) rostered players at any time during the game.

2.    A team is not ready to play within ten (10) minutes after the scheduled start time.  The referee shall start his/her timer no later than five (5) minutes after the scheduled start time. Once a forfeit has been called, it is irreversible unless such a ruling is inappropriate.  Referees are instructed to play all games if at all possible.  All games shall be stopped at least five (5) minutes before the next game on that field.

3.    A team is found to have used an illegal or non-rostered player. This is a league office decision, as the game can continue.

4.    In the opinion of the referee/league staff, a manager does not have complete control of his/her team.

5.    A team continues to delay the game.

6.    A team or spectator continues to harass the referee and/or players or if the referee feels the situation is such that physical harm may come to himself/herself, other players, or spectators.

7.    Any player is consuming any alcoholic spirits during the game; this includes on or off the field, or in the bleachers.


If a team knows that they will forfeit a game, the team manager is required to notify the league office.  Failure to do this or more than one forfeit will result in a $20 forfeit fee per game to cover referee expenses.


VII.         RULES

1.    The away team will kick off the 1st half and the home team will kick off the 2nd half. Teams will exchange sides for the second half. 

2.    Each team must set up on the opposite side of the field and substitutes must stay on the chosen side of the field.  The home team chooses which side prior to the start of the match.  

3.    The referee will keep official time and score.

4.    Each team must furnish one size 5 game ball.

5.    Gear: Shin guards are highly recommended and no responsibility will be taken by the league for those players who choose not to wear shin guards and incur injury.  Cleats are not required, but highly recommended. They must be non-metallic cleats. Teams must have the same color jerseys or shirts.  Numbers on shirts are highly recommended.  Numbers cannot be repeated on the same team.

A.   If there is a conflict of jersey colors, it is the responsibility of the designated away team to have an alternate color ready. Failure to switch or making the home team switch may count as an automatic loss.




Any player receiving two yellow cards or one red card will be ejected from that game. Any player who is ejected may face additional suspensions after evaluation by the league disciplinary committee, made up of league administration and game referees.  Any player receiving two red cards during the season will be suspended for the remainder of the season.  The league disciplinary committee may suspend any player receiving four yellow cards during the season for multiple games pending review.

1.    Any dangerous play, excessive profanity, or derogatory remarks by a player or manager shall result in the player(s) being shown a red card and being ejected from the game.  Any player receiving a red card (administrative or not) must leave the field of play and may also leave the park where the match is taking place. That is at the discretion of the referee and/or league staff. The red carded player cannot be substituted and the team will play one person short for the remainder of the game.

2.    Players may be ejected at any time: before, during, or after a game.

3.    Only the team manager may appeal suspensions.  Appeal must be written and received by the league office within two working days of the infraction.  A decision on the appeal will be made within 72 hours after it has been received.  If a suspended player plays in a game, the team will be charged with a forfeit loss and the player will be suspended for at least another game.

4.    Any player who is ejected twice in one season will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

5.    Any player guilty of offensive, insulting, or abusive language toward any referee or league staff for any reason will be suspended immediately from playing for a length of time determined by the league disciplinary committee.

6.    Disciplinary action may be taken by the referee or league staff toward any player using profane or abusive language before, during, or after the game.

7.    Any player who physically abuses or threatens to push, shove or strike a referee or staff member shall be permanently banned from participation in the league and can be legally prosecuted for assault.

8.    Any player guilty of fighting may be suspended up to 10 games.  The instigator of a fight may be suspended up to one year.  Punching or attempting to punch any player, referee, league staff, or park patron will immediately result in permanent suspension from the league. 

9.    League staff have the authority to prohibit any player from playing in a game if, in their judgment, said player appears intoxicated and is endangering the players.  It is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages at the fields.

10. Any manager or acting manager who refuses to assist the referee in identifying players will be suspended and the game will be forfeited.

11. Players who receive yellow card must be substituted out of the game for 5 minutes. The player may re-enter the game during a substitution at the appropriate time.

12. For the 7v7 men’s soccer division there may be up to 2 female players on the field at one time per team.

13. Any player receiving two yellow cards in one game will be suspended from that game.  Any further suspension(s) will be determined by league office.

14. Only the team manager may communicate grievances. 

15. For managers: it is up to you to keep your team under control at all times. If the referee needs assistance with anything, assist them. Failure to keep your team under control can result in a forfeit for the team, and possibly a suspension for the team manager.






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